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Hi - I'm Ewan Miller. I set up Windsor Hills Private Rentals in early 2012 as a hobby project combining a desire to improve the vacation rental search experience and develop my own web technology and marketing skills. It grew from there. I'd stayed previously in Windsor Hills with my wife, as well as in many other rental resorts in Orlando, and found the whole experience of finding and securing rental accommodation unnecessarily lengthy and challenging. Many of the larger rental websites seemed overly complex; the smaller more location focussed sites lacking in functionality. Looking for a place in the sun to spend valued time with family and friends should have been a more holistic and engaging experience. I started my experiment with Reunion Resort nearby in late 2011. Windsor Hills Private Rentals was our second site.

Joanna and Ewan Miller Windsor Hills Private Rentals

While I take on most of the work (technology and otherwise) my wife, Joanna, helps me out with marketing, general quality assurance and keeping me sane. We live in a small village near Glasgow in the UK and run Windsor Hills Private Rentals as a small business. Along the way have picked up a small and trusted group of property owners in Windsor Hills who pay us to list their properties on our site. All properties are robustly verified upon listing. We know our owners well and bounce ideas off them, helping us develop the site, adding new functionality as we go. We go to some length to ensure we have that bond with property owners on the site, way beyond standard checks to ensure they are genuine. We don't like listers who are abrupt with vacationers or don't take the time or care to create meaningful listings. Where owners need help in this space we help. But we have no affiliation with any owners or managers in the resort nor any link to the resort itself. At a base level we are like a dating agency for vacationer and property renter. We help you meet but how it progresses is up to you.

We are also keen to engage vacationers and often go looking for feedback; without your input we can't improve the site. It always amazes me how much, as technologists, we misinterpret the customer need or want. We do a lot to make sure our site is simple and easy to use. It isn't always but we like to think we know where to improve and keep evolving.

Since Reunion and Windsor Hills we have spun up the concept across various other resorts in Orlando; Emerald Island, Highlands Reserve, Regal Palms and Champions Gate. Every resort is different. We also now have sites covering worldwide locations; Cape Verde, Kalkan and Bodrum.

We hope you find Windsor Hills Private Rentals a valued tool in your vacation property search. If there is anything you think we could improve please get in touch as let us know. If you are looking for some advice/tips to help with your search or decision making process please drop us a note and we'll help.

Ewan & Joanna Miller

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