How the site works

First up, we're a listings site only. By that we mean when you find properties you like and submit an enquiry the owners or managers who have listed their property with us will respond to you by email. So it's the owner or manager you engage with to make your booking. Not us. But at all times we're happy to help so just drop us an email with any questions you have.

1. Select Properties

Search the site and find the properties that you feel best suit your requirements. You'll find lots of pictures and links to property websites and availability calendars.

2. Submit Enquiries

When you find a property that you like submit an enquiry through our enquiry form. An example enquiry form is provided to the left. The website will remember your enquiry details and pre-populate the form every time you view a new property based on your previous enquiry enabling you to browse properties on the site, review property pictures and listing information, check availability calendars and enquire about the right properties for you without having to retype all the enquiry form detail each time. What's more we'll tell you which properties you've already enquired about, look out for the Enquiry Sent indicator.

Email Address - Make sure you've typed your email address into the enquiry form correctly. Make a mistake here and owners will be unable to contact you with quotes.

Travel Dates - if your dates are flexible, as you browse the site and submit enquiries to your preferred properties, check the property availablity calendar and tailor your dates to meet you and the property owner's availability. This way you'll get definite and competetive quotes back.

Comments - it's important you specify your requirements and prompt discussion with owners by posting comments into the enquiry form. You might want to detail your aspirations, price range and ask some questions. If you add this into the comments field and submit your first specific enquiry the website will retain that information allowing you to browse the site, select the properties you like and simply click 'Submit' posting the same information and questions to each of the property owners. Alternatively tweak the comments to ask specific questions related to each property you enquire about.

3. Receive Confirmation Email

You'll get an enquiry confirmation email for each submission you make. Don't reply to this. It's simply confirmation your enquiry was received and a record of the details. Wait till you hear back from th owner or manager.

4. Receive Quotes

All enquiries are directed to the relevant rental property owners and you'll hear back within hours from them by email.

5. Make Booking

Your booking agreement is with the owner or manager you choose to rent from. Windsor Hills Private Rentals are NOT a party to this agreement. Therefore you should seek terms and conditions which relate to that booking directly from the owner or manager.

6. Feedback and Reviews

Whether you book or not we always appreciate feedback. Drop us an email letting us know if you found our site easy to use or detailing things we could do better.