Side by Side Villas

For large parties you may often require more than one villa. You may be arranging a family wedding at Disney, be part of a sports team attending a competition or simply be part of one very large family vacation but if you need more than one villa ideally you want them to be side by side. As Windsor Hills is made of a close knit owner rental community “side by side villa” requests are frequent and owners have good relationships with their adjacent neighbours often working together to put together an all-encompassing joined up quote to meet a holidaymaker's requirements.

villas side by side in Windsor Hills

At Windsor Hills Private Rentals our advice for securing quotes for a side by side villa rental is to submit one “general home enquiry” through our main page clearly stating your requirements for two villas side by side in the comments section of the enquiry form. Adjacent owners with strong working relationships will then return to you with a quote for the two villas. You may, and more than likely will, receive several side by side villa quotes but key is to ensure this requirement is clearly stated in the comments on your enquiry.