Transportation to the parks from Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills is under 2 miles to Disney and less than a mile to many shopping and dining options.  Car hire/rental is the best option to navigate the area but Uber and Lyft are readily accessible options in the area and are very reasonably priced for those who choose not to drive.


Most guests now prefer the convenience of Uber or Lyft.  An Uber to Epcot for 4 people is usually around 12$ plus tip.  In advance of an Uber or Lyft vehicle arriving at the gate you should notify security in advance and ensure the driver has your details including address you are staying at in the resort.

When ordering an Uber/Lyft to pick you up at WH:

1. Put the address of your villa, townhome or condo into Uber/Lyft as the pick up.  We'd recommend you build in an extra 15 minutes for pick-up because of the check-in process at the guardhouse and chance of long lines.

2. Then message the driver with the resort address (2600 N Old Lake Wilson Road, Kissimmee, 34747) so that they will arrive at the guard house (not the back entrance - it is not accessible to guests).

3. Call the guard house on 407-397-1464 and advise that you have ordered an Uber/Lyft (leave a message if no one answers)

4. Do not use the Pick Me Up Here option (it relies on GPS - the guards require a physical address)

5. Advise Uber/Lyft that the driver’s license will be checked at the guard house. Cars/drivers without a valid driver’s license will not be allowed into the community.