Frequently Asked Guest Questions

How do i access the facilities at Windsor Hills?

Effectively immediately, all guests at Windsor Hills must obtain wristbands before using the community pool, hot tub and water park.  Wristbands are free to guests staying in the community and should be worn the length of your stay.  You are welcome to attach them to a hat, shoe, bag or cooler if you do not want to wear it for your entire stay. To get wristbands, just stop by the Welcome Center at the Clubhouse. Give the staff your name (or name of guest who booked the home) and the address of the home. 

Guests of guests or day visitors will be asked to buy bands at a cost of $10/day and must be approved by the owner. Guests of guests and day visitors MUST be accompanied by a registered guest at all times when using the amenities.

What are the community pool and hot tub opening hours?

8am until 10pm (excluding any unforeseen closures due to maintenance or bad weather).

What are the water slide opening hours?

April 1 thru September 30 10am until 8pm

October 1 thru March 31 10am until 6pm

(excluding any unforeseen closures due to maintenance or bad weather).

Is the community pool heated in winter?

The community pool is heated to 82 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

What hours is the gym open?

The Gym hours are 6.30am until 10pm.

Are there barbecue areas on the site? 

Yes, they are located by the tennis courts. You can use coals if you wish. If you wish to rent a barbecue stop by the resort management office for a list of vendors.

Are there showers and toilets at the club house and pools?


Are guests allowed to receive grocery deliveries to their rental property?

Deliveries to guests are allowed as long as they have (1) a valid driver’s license (2) know the correct address in the resort.

Are Uber/Lyft/taxis permitted to pick up guests from their rental property?

This is fine if you notify security in advance and ensure the driver has your details including address of stay.

Does the resort allow Amazon deliveries to rental properties?

Amazon themselves comes into the community several times a day to make deliveries.

But if Amazon uses the USPS to mail a package, because there are no mailboxes in Windsor Hills, items are returned to sender.

If Amazon uses FedEx or UPS, those delivery companies are allowed into Windsor Hills all day long.

Before ordering items from Amazon, guests and owners should find out how the item will be shipped.

We don’t accept packages at the office for guests or owners because we don’t have a secure place to store items. But many property manager may accept packages for a fee.

I’m interested in buying in Windsor Hills, how do i identify and secure a property management company?

We recommend staying with the existing property management company for the first year. Learn the process because there are busy and non busy seasons.

The short term rental business is very unique and different to long term or beach or ski rentals.

Recommendations can be provided with a list of 92 companies that can operate within the resort.

Do the condo blocks have elevators?

Yes, all condo blocks have elevators.

How many cars can town home driveways accommodate?

Driveways in the town homes cater for one car.  There is additional parking areas within the town home section of the resort for extra vehicles.  There are 210 town homes and 315 parking spots including the driveways in front of each town home.

What are resort rules around parking of oversized vehicles?

Owners and Guests may park their passenger cars and vans in the driveways and designated spaces in front and near the pool homes, townhomes and condominiums.

However, if you are driving any of the following vehicles, you must park this vehicle in the OVERSIZE VEHICLE DESIGNATED PARKING AREA.

Motor Homes Recreational Vehicles Commercial Trucks / Vans Buses


Boats / Jet Skis Motorcycle Trailers

The parking rules at Windsor Hills are as follows:
1. Owners and Guests may not park their oversize vehicles in front of the pool homes, townhomes and condominiums for overnight or long term.
2. These oversize vehicles must park in the designated parking area in the parking spaces at our Recreation Park located at 7721 Comrow Street.
3. The gate attendant must issue a GUEST – OVERSIZE VEHICLE parking permit not to exceed 30 days. Please keep this permit visible on the parked vehicle.
4. Owners and Guests may load or unload these vehicles in front of your vacation home temporarily up to 4 hours during your arrival and departure dates.
5. Contractors may not park their vehicles overnight inside Windsor Hills.
6. Vehicles parked in violation of these parking rules at Windsor Hills

WILL BE TOWED at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Thank you for your cooperation with the Windsor Hills parking rules. Should guests have any questions, please contact the Resort Manager at the association office.