Owner Help - Updating Your Availability Calendar

Updating your availability calendar on Windsor Hills Private Rentals is a straightforward process.

Simply login to your user account here.

Select Manage Availability.

Then enter bookings in to the Booking Form. Only checkin and checkout are mandatory fields. You can add additional optional information on the booking should you wish to use your Windsor Hills Private Rentals calendar as a master record of your booking history.

If you want to view bookings in your calendar hover over the dates blocked out in the calendar and the details related to the booking will appear in a pop up box. Useful if you want to identify a number of bookings within your calendar. Move the mouse pointer along the dates in the calendar and each individual booking will pop up.

To edit bookings click on a date in the calendar. The booking form will pre-populate with the relevant booking. You can then change the dates or additional details and submit the booking to the calendar. You can also delete the booking by clicking on the delete booking link in the bottom right of the booking form.

Managing Multiple Calendars (Sync with other sites)

Managing bookings in an availability calendar can be an onerous task if you have your property listed across several property rental websites. To help our owners and managers with this we offer sync calendar functionality. This allows you to identify your “golden source” calendar. You can then either sync your Windsor Hills Private Rentals calendar with your calendar on another major site such as Homeaway, vrbo, airbnb and flipkey or you can sync your calendar on their site with your calendar on Windsor Hills Private Rentals.

Sync Windsor Hills Private Rentals Calendar with Another Website

To sync your calendar with another major website you need to get access to the location of your ical (.ics) file. Once you get that you login to Windsor Hills Private Rentals, navigate to Availability Calendar and you'll see a form on the bottom left of the page called Link Calendar. If you post the ics file location here and press submit Windsor Hills Private Rentals will then retreive the ics file (which contains all your bookings added to the other website), process the file and add all the bookings to your Windsor Hills Private Rentals calendar. We also update our database and following this first sync this process then happens nightly until you click Unlink Calendar. You might want to unlink in future should you cease to list with the other site.

To retrieve your .ics file location flow the guidelines below.

Sync Calendar with Homeaway or VRBO

To retrieve your homeaway or vrbo calendar file location:

1. Login to your homeaway or vrbo account.

2. Go to the My Tools section of your account and click Calendar.

3. Scroll down and click Export Calendar Data.

4. Copy the unique URL provided.

Your calendar ics URL should look like this:


Sync Calendar with Airbnb

To retrieve your airbnb ics calendar file location:

1. Login to your airbnb account here.

2. In the top left side of the screen use the drop-down to select Your listings.

3. Click view calendar.

4. Scroll down and click to Show sync and export settings.

5. Scroll down to the Export Calendar section and copy the unique URL provided.

Your calendar ics URL should look like this:


Sync Calendar with Flipkey

To retrieve your Flipkey ics calendar file location:

1. Login to your flipkey account here.

2. Click the Listings tab.

3. Hover your mouse over the property you want to retrieve the calendar location for then click Update Calendar.

4. Click Sync with other calendars tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.

5. In the Export FlipKey calendar section, you will find your unique link. Copy the unique url provided.

Syncing Another Calendar with Windsor Hills Private Rentals

You will need the location of your Windsor Hills Private Rentals ics file url. This is simply http://www.windsorhillsprivaterentals.com/data/calendar/ics#.ics where # is your unique propertyid reference number on the site.

Will Syncing Calendars Update Both Calendars?

No. One calendar is the “golden source” calendar which you should keep up to date.