Why book direct rather than through VRBO, Airbnb, Tui or Virgin

All properties listed on Windsor Hills are approved by Resort Management.

Only owners in good standing with community fees can list. Booking with an owner who is behind on their community fees can result in issues accessing community facilities like the water park area.

Owners using a property manager to deal with the booking process can only list if the property manager is approved to operate within the resort by Resort Management.

Booking direct with the owner (or their property manager) avoids VRBOs property owner and guests surcharges.

15-30% in service fees and total added cost to book.

By booking through Vrbo or Airbnb, there is a good chance you may be booking through a regional or national management company and NOT the owner or local manager.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Management companies look to auction off difficult-to-rent units on Airbnb and Vrbo -- be sure to ask PLENTY of questions first and ask for updated photos!

Nearly every property on the big portal sites is available to be booked directly on WHPR. If you have difficulty finding a property of interest, feel free to visit the Facebook guests group and Windsor Hills owners will be more than happy to help!

By booking through Tui, Virgin or another big UK travel agency, you will not know the exact unit until several weeks before arrival nor will you have access to the unit's owner or manager. With nearly 1000 units in Windsor Hills of varying location and amenities, it is VERY important that you individually pick a villa that best meets your group's needs. Windsor Hills is a gated community and there are well defined processes guests need to follow to access the resort upon start of stay. Likewise, for access to the community facilities like the water park area. Guests who book through a large travel agency will usually have difficulty obtaining this information making for a stressful start to any vacation.