Windsor Hills or Bonnet Creek

As part of researching your trip to Orlando various resort communities pop up in the various discussions forums and villa rental sites. Bonnet Creek is a popular resort within the wider Walt Disney World estate. Unlike many of the resort names you'll notice appearing in discussions and recommendations on tripadvisor and disboards Bonnet Creek is not a residential short term rental community like Windsor Hills and is in fact a timeshare resort run by the Wyndham company. And thus while a valid option it is very different in many ways to Windsor Hills.

windsor hills pool compared with Bonnet Creek pool and condos overlooking pool

Both resorts are hugely popular so let's attempt to answer the questions �Windsor Hills v Bonnet Creek?':

1. Windsor Hills is a residential home rental community therefore offers large pool homes from 4-6 bedrooms. Bonnet Creek does not offer pool homes. So if you are a larger party or want space and a private pool then forget Bonnet Creek.

2. Windsor Hills is an independent owner community so each property is decorated completely differently.

3. As Windsor Hills short term rentals are operated by individual owners the service and offering will vary from one to the next so are can hone in your requirements to get exactly what you want. At Bonnet Creek it is always the same, not unlike a hotel.

4. Windsor Hills is cheaper; less overhead and middle men to fund. You can therefore deal direct with owners or property managers to negotiate the right deal for you and your party.

5. You won't have to worry about the age old timeshare presentation and finding a way to avoid it during your stay at Windsor Hills. You will at Bonnet Creek and it is not always that easy to avoid.