Windsor Hills or Emerald Island

Any search for offsite accommodation in one of the private rental communities in Kissimmee usually involves identifying the key resorts and then making your comparisons. Before Windsor Hills was constructed, Emerald Island was king of the resort communities. Emerald Island is 3 miles from Disney. Windsor Hills just 2 miles. Both resorts are hugely popular and so one of the most oft questions asked by holidaymakers is 'Windsor Hills v Emerald Island?'

Windsor Hills pool and clubhouse compared with Emerald Island pool and clubhouse

Key benefits of Windsor Hills are (listed in descending order based on our assessment of importance):

1. Windsor Hills has a far more impressive pool area with large lagoon style pool and water slides. Emerald Island has a smaller square shaped pool. You could almost go as far as saying Windsor Hills has a mini waterpark. Emerald Island does not.

2. Windsor Hills is more compact (still spacious by all means but shorter walks to the clubhouse and pool area).

3. Windsor Hills has a broader property choice (Windsor Hills has condos, Emerald Island only homes and townhomes).

4. Windsor Hills townhomes have plunge pools (unlike Emerald Island townhomes).

5. Closer to Disney (2 miles to Magic Kingdom) than Emerald Island (3 miles). Both are so close to Disney that this is a very small plus for Windsor Hills. One thing that is clear however is Windsor Hills and Emerald Island are by far the two closest resorts to WDW. This is a huge plus for both resorts over any other rental resort communities in the Kissimmee area.

6. Newer, by a year or two (not a major differentiator but still a fact).