Windsor Hills or Reunion Resort

Two of the most popular and exclusive short term rental communities in Kissimmee (closest to Disney) are Windsor Hills and Reunion. While both offer private holiday rentals the resorts are notably different. Reunion is easily the most exclusive resort in Orlando. Having offered plots of land for sale as opposed to pre-defined homes, the resort is now home to some of the most impressive bespoke private rental homes in the US. However expect to pay for the privilege. Windsor Hills is a luxury resort in its own right and offers a luxury aimed more at the family market.

windsor hills pool and clubhouse compared with Reunion pool and lazy river

Some of the key benefits of Windsor Hills v Reunion Resort are (listed in ascending order based on our assessment on your behalf):

1. Access to facilities - Windsor Hills is has excellent facilities from a large lagoon style pool with water slides to tennis courts, a clubhouse with a gym and cinema. All facilities at Windsor Hills are accessible by guests. There are no additional charges or access complications. This is not the case with reunion. Reunion is home to world class facilities but many owners can't provide access to guests due to various complex rules around limited access and additional annual fees that owners have to pay to then attain the limited access.

2. Windsor Hills is a compact resort (still spacious but everything is easily accessible). Reunion is vast at 2300 sq acres and fels more like a collections of resorts.

3. Security and access – Nobody gets in or out of Windsor Hills without going through the well policed secure exit and entry gates. Reunion is sprawling with sub-communities securing their own communities and so on.

4. Proximity to Disney – Windsor Hills is the closest rental resort community to WDW (2 miles). Reunion is 6 miles from WDW.

5. Cost - Reunion is very much aimed at the higher end of the market. Windsor Hills offers better value for money. While at Reunion you may pay more for granite kitchen worktops is that really what you want to spend your vacation funds on?